FAQ for How the PCard can be Utilized

The following information is provided to help identify those areas for which the PCard may be utilized, and more importantly, when it is not allowable. Most items available for purchase using a Purchase Order are allowable use for the PCard, with the following exceptions OR additional guidelines.  Please contact the eProcurement Office if you have any doubt whether or not a purchase is allowable.

Please note:  Although it may be an allowable purchase using your PCard, if the merchant code  assigned to the vendor by their bank is one that the State of Arkansas has 'blocked' from usage and your card is declined, you will contact the eProcurement Office at 575-6279 or pcard@uark.edu.


Items NEVER allowed to be purchased using the PCard

  • Alcoholic Beverages

  • Birthday/Holiday/Greeting Cards

  • Supplies and food that is used for office birthday parties or celebrations

  • Items for Personal Use

  • Moving expenses
  • Printing using a printing press (wet ink on paper via a printing press)

  • Any purchase that requires an official University signature such as; maintenance agreement, software license agreement, etc.

  • Airfare or other travel expenses such as lodging, car rental, fuel, etc. 

  • Narcotics/prescriptions and other over the counter medicines that are for human consumption

  • Construction or Remodeling

  • Gifts of any kind

Items that Require Additional Guidelines in order to purchase using the PCard

  • Gift Cards: Requires signed approval by the eBusiness Office PRIOR to the purchase using the Business Services Gift Card Request Form .  If approved, currently only allowed with WalMart, Sam's Club, or Amazon and followed up with the Gift Card Purchase Form documenting who received the cards with your documentation for purchase.  Please see Gift Card Guidelines for further information on gift card usage

  • Tires (if a roadside emergency while in a state owned vehicle, you may purchase a tire from any source, otherwise the tires must be purchased from one of the state contract vendors, Goodyear, Michelin, or Bridgestone)

  • Letterhead and Printed Envelopes (may be purchased directly from PMC Solutions OR the state contract holder)

  • Paper Towels & Toilet Tissue that are purchased in bulk with a dollar value of $250 or more must be purchased from the state contract holder

  • Printing or Copier Paper that is purchased in bulk with a dollar value of $500 or  more must be purchased from a state contract holder

  • Internet or Phone Service (Require approval by the eProcurement Office PRIOR to purchase-mainly for AGRI branch stations)

  • Equipment $2500 or greater (including taxes and freight) with PRIOR written approval by the eProcurement Office this may be allowable in an emergency situation

  • Certifications and/or Licenses (require the License/Certification Authorization Form with receipt)

  • Memberships/Dues (require the Membership Justification Form with receipt)

  • Online webinars/online training classes and registration fees  (must note on the receipt that NO travel involved with this purchase, local only)

  • Subscriptions (if not printed on receipt, must note dates of subscription coverage either on the receipt or within the extended text of the approval screen-EIC)

  • Any items that are purchased for official business meetings, official functions, or official retirement events, the event must be noted on the receipts and/or within the extended text of the charge approval screen (EIC).

  • For those card holders who have Restaurants open on their cards for local purchases, a Business Justification Form-Meals and Entertainment must be supplied along with the receipt

  • University or Razorback logos, only allowable from Licensed University of Arkansas Vendors, and already approved marks.  If requesting a new template or marking, this must be approved by the Licensing Office PRIOR to approval to use the PCard.

  • Ammunition (ONLY ALLOWABLE FOR PUBLIC SAFETY DEPARTMENT-must be purchased from state contract vendors)