Frequently Asked Questions


What is the process for formal bid solicitation?

Formal Bids are processed by Request for Proposal (RFP) or Invitation For Bid (IFB).

Formal bids are advertised on Hogbid, the solictation website for UofA formal bid events.

What is the dollar amount before I have to send something out for bid?


See Purchasing Methods for an outline of bid thresholds.

Who do I contact when I have a question about the specifications of a bid?

The bid will list a  Procurement Coordinator who shall be the sole point of contact for formal bids. 

What is allowed or not allowed on a Blanket Order?

See Procurement Policy page for general Blanket Order Guidelines.

See Policy page for Technology Purchasing Guidelines.

When are conference registrations processed by Travel and when by Procurement?

If the conference is local, and NOT IN TRAVEL STATUS, you may enter a Requisition. This is also true for web/online conferences. If there is ANY travel involved and you are using a T-Card, the registration must go through an expense report to verify the T-Card charge for approval by the Travel Office.

Who is responsible for Construction bids?

All campus construction projects are handled by Facilities Management, Construction Section:

Can any department representative sign a contract or agreement with a vendor on behalf of the U of A?

NO! All contracts/agreements that require signature on behalf of the U of A must be reviewed by the Procurement Office and the General Counsel Office before authorized signature takes place.  

See the Contracting Authority Signature Policy for delegated signature authority.


Who do I contact if I want to purchase or have service performed on a copy machine?

Please navigate the PMC Solutions Website for lease and purchase options. 

If I am at an off campus location, who do I contact for copier information?

Departments in other parts of the state of Arkansas should contact the applicable Procurement Coordinator when in need of a copier placement. An optional purchasing route for copiers has been established through the Office of State Procurement. For further information, questions and assistance, please navigate the Office of State Procurement contract listing, or contact Tim Hicks.


Where can I find forms on-line?

On the Procurement forms web page.

What approval and documentation is required for Gifts or Gift Cards?

See Procurement Policy Page.


Who do I contact with a question about insurance?

Contact the Risk Management Office at 479.575.4195 or e-mail Brooke Moore.

What types of insurance are available?

The Risk Management Office handles the following types of insurance: Building/Property, Automobile, Student Travel Accident, Camp Accident, Special Event Liability, Professional Liability, and Student Professional Liability.

Does a request for entertainment for official functions need to be processed through Procurement as a requisition?

Yes. Entertainment for official functions (i.e. Bands, Vocal groups, etc.) must always be processed in Workday to route through Procurement approval.  Entertainment should never be paid for by members of our faculty/staff and then request a reimbursement. This is a tax issue that requires the entertainment vendor to report to the IRS. Any contract or appearance agreement should be supplied, along with the completed Official Function Form, for review and approval by the Procurement Office. 


Who do I contact with questions concerning the PCard?

eProcurement Office at 479.575.2551 or

Is there a website available with general PCard information?

Yes, the PCard webpage:

Am I required to keep receipts?

YES!! Detailed receipts for every PCard purchase must be kept and given to the person in your department that is verifying the charges in Workday. As those charges get verified, the receipts will need to be uploaded to the verification.

What if I cannot obtain or find a receipt?

If you have lost a receipt, contact the vendor first. Most vendors can provide a duplicate copy or re-print a receipt. If you are unable to obtain a copy of a missing receipt from the vendor, then you must fill out a Lost/Unobtainable PCard Receipt Form. This must be attached to your Workday Verification in the same way that a receipt would be.

Is the PCard issued for the entire department?

No, the PCard is issued to individuals only.

Will I get a credit card statement?

No, you will not get a statement from Bank of America. However, you can run reports in Workday to pull your credit card transactions for any date range.

Is there a list on the web page showing items that cannot be charged on the PCard?

Yes, on the PCard webpage:

When will charges show up in Workday?

Typically the charges will appear in the Workday system within 3 days after the transaction has taken place.

What do I do if a charge shows up that I (the cardholder) did not make?

If you cannot resolve the problem with the vendor and receive a credit, then you should contact Bank of America Customer Service (1-866-500-8262) to report the fraudulent charge. 

What if the cardholder does not turn in a receipt?

If you have lost a receipt, contact the vendor first. Most vendors can provide a duplicate copy or re-print a receipt. If you are unable to obtain a copy of a missing receipt from the vendor, then you must fill out a Lost/Unobtainable PCard Receipt Form.

If the cardholder simply does not turn in any documentation, they will receive a written warning from the eProcurement Office after the first occurrence. Repeated failure to submit necessary documentation will result in suspension of PCard privileges.

What is the State’s definition of printing?

Printing means “the process of transferring images, by use of standard industrial type printer ink, upon paper documents such as letterhead, envelopes, pamphlets, booklets and forms." (wet ink on paper versus dry ink, which is toner used by digital copiers).  

Who do I contact to receive help or inquire about a printing job?

Contact Printing Services or 479.575.2404. 

Who do I contact for printing bids?

Contact Ellen Ferguson for questions about setting up the printing bid process and bid specifications.

What approval and documentation is required for prizes?

Required Documentation


What determines if a contract is “professional services”?

Please refer to PCS guidelines on web page.

What are the dollar limits of PCS contracts?

  • Under $20,000.00 – No contract required.
  • $20,001 - $24,999 - Three Bid Quotations required.  No contract required.
  • $25,000.00 - $49,999.99 – State of Arkansas Services Contract Required.
    • If the projected total over the life of the contract is less than $50,000 then it will be signed by Procurement. 
    • If the projected total is $50,000 or greater, pre-approval by Legislative Council is required. 
  • $50,000.00 and over – State of Arkansas PCS contract required.  Pre-approval by Legislative Council is required.

Who is the contact person for PCS contracts?

Contact Ellen Ferguson.

Who is my Buyer/Procurement Coordinator?

Review the Procurement webpage for budgetary unit assignments.

How do I create a change order, or  cancel/close a PO?

For complete information about change orders, canceling or closing PO's, visit the Workday Training App and review the associated QRG's: Finance Workday Training ( 

Does Workday automatically send my PO?

No, not unless you select the correct Order-From Connection (OFC) with the appropriate supplier email address. If the OFC is not there, contact your Procurement Coordinator.

I just got the notification that my PO was approved, but I cannot create a receipt.

After items are received or services have been completed, receiving must be done in Workday before payments can be processed.  To indicate that ordered goods/services were received and are ready for payment, departments must create a receipt in Workday. 

With regard to match exceptions and resolving invoices, departments can periodically run "RPT – Supplier Invoices in Match Exception" or contact Accounts Payable with questions.

Visit the Finance Workday Training ( app for training materials and  guides.

How do I create a requisition?

Visit the Workday Training App for associated  training materials and guides:

Finance Workday Training ( 

Where is my Requisition?  I have not received a PO yet.

When viewing your Requisition, scroll down to Process History and expand.

How do I get my Requisition reviewed by Trademark & Licensing?

Select the Trademark & Licensing Requisition Type.  It will route for approval.

Users should not assume the system will route small orders to legal or procurement.

For small order procurements (less than $20,000.00) that involve any supplier document containing supplier terms/conditions and/or requiring UA signature (e.g., quotes, estimates, order forms, renting space for functions, etc.), users can send requests via email to for legal review.  This should take place before submitting the requisition through the system.

What is permissible with public funds?

Food, supplies and decorations for an official retirement reception (onsite and open to guests, i.e. public officials, donors, students, etc.) is acceptable, but not acceptable for an internal department event.  A plaque or similar item of approximately $100.00 or less is an acceptable gift.  PCard is acceptable (with clear documentation) for all of these items.  Anything more should be funded through foundation funds or your personal contributions.

As long as the cost of services does not exceed $20K, you may use the provider of your choice.

What is permissible?

There are restrictions on click-thru agreements and downloads surrounding the acceptance of terms and conditions on behalf of the University.

These type of engagements should be reviewed/approved by UA General Counsel and Procurement prior to execution.  Users can send requests via email to for legal review.

Where would I find information on a sole source request?

Visit the Procurement Policy site and Purchasing Methods and Guidelines site for sole source information. Please contact your Procurement Coordinator for additional information.

On sole source requests, are departments required to contact other vendors?

Yes. You are required to contact other vendors to obtain competition. You must list these vendors and how they did not specifically meet the department’s needs.   Completion of the Sole Source Request Form is required.

What is permissible?

Units shall submit requests for event sponsorships of any amount to the University Advancement/Development Office by sending email to, in a timely fashion (and ideally not less than 14 days before the sponsorship event) prior to making any commitments.  Special circumstances will be considered. 

Who do I contact about surplus property?

Contact Wenoah Goodson at 479.575.2325. 

Surplus Warehouse


What is sustainability?

Sustainability is “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Visit the Workday Training App for training materials and  guides:

Finance Workday Training ( 

Who is the contact person for purchasing a vehicle?

For questions regarding vehicle purchasing, the contact person is Ellen Ferguson.

Who is the contact person for vehicle licensing and insurance?

Contact Ellen Ferguson for questions regarding insurance on vehicles or registration of vehicles. 

Who is the contact person for vehicle reporting?

For questions regarding vehicle reporting, the contact person is Ellen Ferguson.