This page provides information concerning technology purchases for UA departments (i.e. hardware, software, UA site licensing, UA web sites and accessibility).  Keep in mind, the UA Computer Store  is an authorized service provider for your technical needs.

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UA Contracts (This list  includes a diverse group of UA contracts)

Technological Guidance

  • IT Software Distribution
  • IT Service Catalog
  • PCI Compliance
    • Any department processing payment card transactions via a web site or Point of Sale (POS) machine is affected by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This includes purchase of iPads, computers, terminals, networking equipment, and software as a service that may take its own payments for goods or services provided. Additional information about PCI Compliance and policies can be found at the Financial Affairs Technology Group Credit Card Operations website.

  • Technology Access Clause
  • UA Computer Store (Apple and Dell Authorized Reseller & Service Provider)
  • University Web Sites and Online Communication
    • All official, non-personal university web sites must comply with graphic and web standards maintained and enforced by the Office of University Relations (UREL), and the creation of such web sites must be done in collaboration with UREL.  Any technology procured in regards to any resulting web site must be reviewed/approved by UREL for adherence to state and federal guidelines regarding accessibility.  For questions contact Chris Nixon, Director of Digital Design and Development (UREL).