NOTICE: Document Retention for Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2013

The University has received official notification that the audit for fiscal year 2013 is complete. P-card receipts that have been electronically imaged into the University's storage warehouse and kept on file at the department level maybe now be destroyed. Additional documents that need to be retained for Federal or grant purposes should be kept in accordance with those specific guidelines.

NOTICE: UA PURCHASE ORDERS FOR RESTAURANTS A purchase made on behalf of the University of Arkansas should be made by issuing an approved university PO to the participating vendor. Utilizing a university P-Card is appropriate when the vendor will not accept a PO and the purchase meets appropriate guidelines. Personal reimbursements should be reserved for emergencies or the rare occasion when a PO or P-Card is unavailable.

The Procurement Staff offers its professionalism, expertise and ability to provide guidance through the acquisition process. Each Purchasing Buyer has a specialty area and additionally is assigned specific departmental units. If you are uncertain of the buyer for your department check the Budgetary Units or call 479-575-2551 and identify your department. The call will be transferred to the appropriate Buyer.

The Purchasing Team responsibilities include:

  • Requisition Processing
  • Developing Specifications
  • Soliciting Bids
  • Establishing Contracts
  • Vehicle Acquisitions and Reporting

The University is committed to purchase energy efficient equipment that meets EPA Energy Star requirements, when available and practicable. These include but are not limited to personal computers, printers, copiers, faxes, laboratory equipment, lighting, refrigerators/freezers and HVAC's.

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