If you need alternative (written) documents or forms, contact Business Services at (479) 575-2551 or

University of Arkansas Purchase Order Terms and Conditions govern all official transactions.  In the event of any conflict between Vendor Terms and Conditions of Sale, Warranties, or Conditional Documents, University of Arkansas Purchase Order Terms & Conditions shall control & prevail.  A complete list of terms can be viewed at:

The University of Arkansas is not exempt from sales/use tax (except for those items specifically exempted by State law) but is exempt from Federal excise tax.  

NOTICE: Tax Law Changes for Moving Expenses - Effective January 1, 2018

The newly enacted tax law prevents a tax-free reimbursement of moving expenses beginning January 1, 2018.  The University of Arkansas is assessing the implication of this change and this policy will be updated in early 2018.  

NOTICE: Legislative Acts - Effective August 1, 2017

NOTICE: Important Information on Employee Reimbursements

Need Purchasing Training?

Department users needing one-on-one training in Procurement Policies and Procedures should contact their assigned Procurement Coordinator to schedule a training session.  Procurement Coordinators are available to share knowledge and information of the Procurement process not covered in RazorBuy Refresher Training.

NOTICE:  Sustainability

The University is committed to sustainability in procurement by conducting business with integrity and a strong core value of good stewardship for the environment to ensure a better quality of life, both now and for generations to come.  We will purchase equipment and supplies that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly whenever available and practicable.

NOTICE:  ACT 557 Reporting Requirements

The University of Arkansas is required by Arkansas Act 557 to submit all new Technical and General Services (TGS) contracts, with a total projected cost of $100K or more, to Legislative Council or, if the General Assembly is in session, to the Joint Budget Committee, for review and approval prior to contract execution.

Here is a link to Act 557 information for your convenience. For any additional questions, please contact your assigned Procurement Coordinator or Linda Fast, Manager of Procurement Services at  Your patience as we comply with the requirements of this new Arkansas law is greatly appreciated!

Departmental Information and Reference:

NOTICE:  UA Open Purchase Orders

To assist UA departments in monitoring current open PO’s the Procurement Department hosts a link, sorted by Business Unit, for your convenience. Please click here: PO List 04/08/2018  

Standing/Open PO’s that were created in BASIS with a $1 amount and a 999 tolerance should be closed and a new requisition created in RazorBuy with the anticipated spend for the current fiscal year. The old PO’s in BASIS should then be closed.

NOTICE:  UA Purchase Orders For Restaurants

A purchase made on behalf of the University of Arkansas should be made by issuing an approved university PO to the participating vendor. Utilizing a university P-Card is appropriate when the vendor will not accept a PO and the purchase meets appropriate guidelines. Personal reimbursements should be reserved for emergencies or the rare occasion when a PO or P-Card is unavailable.

NOTICE:  Budget Units

Each Procurement Coordinator has a specialty area and additionally is assigned specific departmental units. If you are uncertain of the Procurement Coordinator for your department check the Budgetary Units or call 479-575-2551 and identify your department. The call will be transferred to the appropriate Individual.



Posted 4/21/15

The University of Arkansas will comply with OMB Circular A-110 Procurement Standards as defined in Subpart C-Post-Award Requirements, Sections .40-.48 for all federal grant funded procurements, until July 1, 2018.


Effective July 1, 2018, the University of Arkansas will comply with Procurement Standards as defined in 2 CFR 200, “Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost  Principals, and Audit Requirements for federal Awards”, Subpart D, Sections 200.318 - 200.326, for all federal grant funded procurements.