Scientific Supplies - FAQ

Internet Ordering - Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a VWR account number. Can I still place an order over the internet?

A. No. You first need to establish a VWR account number by calling 1-800-932-5000. Once your account is established, you can then order over the internet.

I already have a VWR account number. When can I start ordering over the internet?

A. If you have aVWR account number & Purchase Order (PO), you can use the system immediately. Simply search the product catalog or browse the product listings and build your shopping basket of items. If it's your first time through when you "Place Order", you'll need to create an on-line profile. Otherwise, if your profile is already created, you'll be able to check out using your profile information.

Do I have to go through the catalog each time to "build" an order?

The first time you create an order through VWR on the internet, you have an order history. Our system retains your previously submitted orders for up to a year. Simply go to "On-Line Catalog" and select "View Your Order History". You'll be able to recall past orders that were placed over the internet. From there, you can either modify a previously submitted order and re-submit it, or use that order as a "base" for building other orders.

My department has many VWR requisitioners that will place orders. Can I order from the site for another individual? Does the "Ship-To" name have to be the same as the person who is logged in?

We purposely designed this system so that a person could order for someone else. You can either set up separate user profiles for each individual or simply change the "Ship to #" and/or "Attention" boxes (see graphic on right) on the checkout page for each order.

When I place my order, how is it tracked?

Once we verify the order a reference number is assigned to your internet order. The generated reference number passed to our order processing system.

Is there a way to receive a printed record of my order?

Yes. When the order number is generated, you can use your web browser "Print" function to print the screen as a record. It will include your name and purchasing information as well as the list of items ordered.

Does the delivery screen include information on when the product is needed?

No. Not at this point. If delivery information is critical to your order, please contact a VWR Customer Service Representative by calling 575-4650 or 1-800-932-5000.

Can I order any item over the internet?

No. Some items are restricted including most chemicals, needles, and syringes. You can still purchase these items by calling VWR Customer Service Representative at 575-4650 or 1-800-932-5000.

When I place an internet order, how does my order get shipped to the correct location?

An order will arrive at your location based on your VWR account number. The address is "hard coded" in our order processing system based on the information given when you established your account with VWR. The order, however, can be directed to the appropriate person or delivery dock by using the "Ship-to Attention" name.

Can I override my "Ship-To" location and direct my order to arrive at a different address?

No. You will not be able to override any "Ship-To" information other than the name of the person receiving the shipment. Contact your VWR Customer Representative at 575-4650 to arrive at a solution.

Is there anything in this process to stop an end user from logging in at home to place an order?

No. However, the order will ship to your authorized receiving location that you designated when you set-up your VWR account.

Are there packing slips and MSDS sheets that accompany products when delivered?

Yes. When your order arrives, it will be just the same as if you ordered your product from one of our call centers.

I have contract pricing with VWR. When will this be calculated on a transaction?

The prices in the on-line catalog are UA prices and are for reference information only.

Is there a phone number that I can call for more information?

For sales and product information, please call 575-4650 or 1-800-932-5000. For technical questions or problems, please call 575-4650 or 1-888-897-5463.  For Web & B2B Integration Support, please call 1-888-320-4357.

I really like this system, but I have some suggestions and feedback that I would improve the "ordering experience". Who do I contact?

For usability, product support, customer service, feedback, etc., contact us via