Voyager Fuel Card

Voyager Fleet Services is the fuel card provider used by the University of Arkansas.   A Voyager Card may be utilized for the following:

  • Fuel for University Fleet Vehicle
  • Small dollar maintenance on Fleet Vehicle (oil change, tire change, etc)
  • Fuel for University Equipment
  • Fuel for Rental Car when traveling on U of A Official Business

The Voyager Fleet Card is accepted at over 230,000 national fuel and maintenance locations across the nation, as well as in Puerto Rico.

 Notice:  Fuel Cards are not allowable for personal use.  Inappropriate use of the Voyager card will be grounds for termination and possible criminal charges.

Voyager Card Process:

  1.  Departments must submit an electronic request in BASIS for an employee to have a Voyager ID that is used in conjunction with the Voyager card when fueling.  This request is approved via TARGET by the cost center manager (s) of requested cost centers.
  2. Once employee information is setup in FleetCommander, an email is generated from BASIS providing the employee with their PIN # and also an overview of the uses of the fuel card.
  3. Beginning 9/18/17:  Employee is emailed a Voyager Fuel agreement form outlining the terms of usage.  Once the signed agreement form is emailed back to the eBusiness Office, the employee information will be entered in FleetCommander and a system generated email will be sent to the employee that includes the PIN #. .
  4. When fueling, the user will be asked to enter their PIN # (This is the number assigned to the driver) along with the odometer reading of the vehicle, IF fueling a fleet vehicle.
  5. The eBusiness office receives an electronic file daily from US Bank of all Voyager charges.  Level 3 data is provided by the bank, which details the purchase.  For example:  qty of fuel, type of fuel, vendor where fuel was purchased, dollar amount, removal of federal excise tax, and name of the employee who purchased the fuel. A printout of the charges is also supplied.
  6. No receipts are required to be supplied to the eBusiness office since the Level 3 data is supplied by the bank, BUT each department may require the paper receipts to be turned in to their office.
  7. Uploaded charges are approved at the departmental level monthly and a check is generated monthly for all fuel purchases. This monthly payment is verified via a statement from Voyager each month.
  8. Each department who maintains fleet vehicles is required monthly to provide a report of fuel consumption to Business Services.  This report is entered into the State of Arkansas SAVA system for fuel reporting.  If Business Services identifies any anomalies or errors in this report they will contact the department to reconcile.
  9. If an employee terminates or transfers to a department where a PIN is no longer required, the PIN# is cancelled in FleetCommander and within BASIS.


Any questions regarding the use of the Voyager Fuel Card, approving charges, or to report fraudulent charges should be addressed to Carol Wade or Michael Senkevech. Carol can be reached by phone at: 479-575-6279 or by email: Michael can be reached by phone: 479-575-5008 or by email:"


If you would like to request access to FleetCommander in order to generate vehicle fuel consumption reports for your department, please contact Kallie Tanner at 575-8481 or by email:


Fuel Card Cutoff Dates for FY18

Invoice Begin Date Invoice End Date Cutoff Date
08/02/17 09/01/17 09/08/17
09/02/17 10/01/17 10/10/17
10/02/17 11/01/17  11/10/17
11/02/17 12/01/17  12/12/17
12/02/17 01/01/18 01/09/18
01/02/18 02/01/18  02/08/18
02/02/18 03/01/18 03/08/18
03/02/18  04/01/18  04/10/18
04/02/18  05/01/18  05/08/18
05/02/18  06/01/18  06/12/18
06/02/18  07/01/18  07/09/18


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